Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Why Bother

I sincerely do not know why I do. Nobody reads this and even if they did, nobody really gives a fuck. This is not my world. I am "this" close to checking out. There is nothing for me here and I do not care anymore. Apathy is the worst kind of depression. I do not give a single fuck anymore. What, then, is the point? There is none. No point, no reason, no hope that any of this will ever change-- and I do not want to live this way anymore. I either want more out of life or to leave it altogether. Some would call that cowardly or selfish, but neither do I agree with said opinion, nor care if I am wrong. It is MY life, and it has played out, apparently. No relief, no change, and no hope for either to come my way. Let. Me. Out. Please!!

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